Sunday, July 5, 2009

12am ~N~ I'm Blogging

So I changed my You tube channel and Made the background better I was sick of seeing myself 20 times every time i go to my own yt. So I'm hoping the tutorial for two faced fairy will be up tomorrow July 6th or Tuesday . (please don't hold me to these dates) Just giving a time period.

I'm also thinking about doing a new kind of topic based series different from everyone esle. but I'm not sure what that might included I'm also going to regularly be putting my You-tube UPdates on here ( with full detail and mini ones on twitter ( because im sick of making a video whenever i wanna get some news out there in YT world.

But for all the followers that have (or coming) to my little blogspot Thank-You! it truly means a lot!

Well I'm Thinking about Bedtime Have to Get up early and Hopefully Enjoy some summer sun!

Heart<3 Kitty

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