Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some of the stills to forest fairy

so this is the newest uploaded i thought it came out wonderful not much fuss in appying it was something im not totally used to but it seemed to work out beautiful!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Youtube & Such!

I am so amazing happy with what i have done with my you-tube account. it feels like it was just yesterday that i started i had no Idea where this channel would take me All i know that it's so much fun to push yourself in a outlet that makes you think out of the box. That makes you want to push yourself to the next level on trying to improve your makeup looks and trying to be a more creative person in the process i have figured out that i can do so much with this channel!
<3 kitty

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another night of not sleeping ( and a lil rant)

In the past like 3 days ive got a total of like 8 hours of sleep and like 15 min to an hour naps in between, things have been out of sorts lately. so I'll have too faced fairy upload by friday than maybe 1 video for the weekend (maybe more maybe none besides fairy) i just need to like have a weekend of just clearing my mind. something like that ! it's just so not cool when you try and help others than get stabbed in the back for your good deeds. I'm so sick of two faced people. but thats life the good the bad and the ugly!

- kitty

Sunday, July 5, 2009

12am ~N~ I'm Blogging

So I changed my You tube channel and Made the background better I was sick of seeing myself 20 times every time i go to my own yt. So I'm hoping the tutorial for two faced fairy will be up tomorrow July 6th or Tuesday . (please don't hold me to these dates) Just giving a time period.

I'm also thinking about doing a new kind of topic based series different from everyone esle. but I'm not sure what that might included I'm also going to regularly be putting my You-tube UPdates on here ( with full detail and mini ones on twitter ( because im sick of making a video whenever i wanna get some news out there in YT world.

But for all the followers that have (or coming) to my little blogspot Thank-You! it truly means a lot!

Well I'm Thinking about Bedtime Have to Get up early and Hopefully Enjoy some summer sun!

Heart<3 Kitty

Here is a still from my latest contest entry: FairyTale & Storybook Duo Look for SharksBiteOfLife

Welcome TO My Blog

Hello everyone...

After viewing Lots of blogs from the wonderful ladys of youtube i am totally following the tend. Not because i want to be Popular but because i want to update you all on a more personal level. Go behind the Makeup & glamor and have you all Get to know the real Me "not" DarkGlamKitty But Crystal who i really am! so Here a little sneak inside the life of another Youtube Guru! <3>